Angel Tattoo Designs

All of us want to attain divinity at some point in our lives and have our own way to achieve it. For this we try different things i.e. trying to be the best of ourselves, believe in the goodness of life and at times to even reflect this goodness through our persona. For this getting angel tattoo designs is quite popular for past few decades. Angel is associated with ultimate beauty, power and grace which has different representations like a group of angels or just an angels wings, all of them representing something special.

All of us have our own unique interpretation for the same through which they spiritually connect. This establishes a special relationship between faith and tattoo. Angels denotes different meaning for men and women. Women associate it with their desire to maintain purity or to be a good person. As angel symbolizes the ultimate nurturer or savior or rescuers therefore women fraternize with them. It depicts their deep desire for being looked after or cared for.

It is a symbol of the natural or inborn ability to protect ourselves forms the evil. For men they depict a sign of strength, or warriors of soul. They are chosen as tattoo as a symbol of bravery and courage. Angels are also a symbol of guardian and guidelines for moral behavior. In all cases it signifies a symbol of protection from the bad for both men and women.

There are endless options to choose a design for an angel tattoo. Like the guardian angel which is very popular as they signify having strength to protect not only you but your loved once too, they exhibit the courageous protection of love. Then comes the Cherub Tattoo which is associated with innocent love, often people add the name of their loved ones lost to the image of a cherub. They are also utilized to remember children when they were little. The archangels resemble strong religious believe. In this only three angels are associated i.e. Gabriel, Michael and Raphael.

Archangels are also found in Judaism and Islam. Then there are fallen angels which are most controversial. They are supposed to have fallen from heaven or exiled. The most famous of these is Lucifer. Thus angel not only represents fragile spirit, but also the darker side of inner beliefs.