Star Design Tattoos

Star Design TattoosStar Design Tattoos

Not many people think of having star tattoos done, but they can actually look quite good if they are designed properly. You may not think about it, but there are actually a variety of different shapes, sizes and types of star tattoos to choose from and each can look unique in its own way.

It is mainly women who choose to have a star tattoo done; after all, it is not a very manly image! Many women prefer to have the stars quite small on areas such as the hip, just above the breast or on their bottom. Some even like to have them on their ankles or on their neck. Generally though they are small, but it is entirely possible to have a large one covering the whole of your back if you prefer!

What Various Star Designs Mean

As well as looking pretty, star designs do tend to have different meanings. There are 4 pointed stars, 5 pointed stars, 6 pointed stars and so on and each has its own meaning. Some of the most popular pointed stars include:

  • The 4 Pointed Star

The 4 pointed stars are by far one of the most common stars designed today. The points are designed either extremely sharp or quite curvy, depending upon the individual's personal taste. It is thought that early American native tribes especially liked the 4 pointed stars and they used them on pottery and on rocks as well as in other parts of their lives. So, if you are interested in associating your tattoo with Native American culture, these may just be for you.

  • The 5 Pointed Star

If you choose a 5 pointed star, you are usually generally into things such as pagan, the devil or pentagrams. These are another extremely common design and they do have a lot of history behind them. Most types of 5 pointed stars are associated with a dark meaning so if you do not want that, it would be better to have a more comical 5 pointed star design and perhaps stick with a pentacle instead.

  • The 8 Pointed Star

The 8 pointed stars are not generally as common as the others, but it does have a lot of meaning behind them. It is the symbol of the cross of Saint John and it was the emblem of the Knights of Malta. They used the star to symbolize each of the knight's virtues and those were Tact, Perseverance, Gallantry, Loyalty, Dexterity, Explicitness, Observation and Sympathy. These days the design is common with fire-fighters across America.