The Best Tattoos For Girls

Some of the best tattoos for girls are the ones that are all about trends. From Japanese prints to Betty Boop and barbed-wire armbands, the motives for girl's tattoos are as varied as the girls themselves. The most popular tattoos for girls are the ones that say something about the respective female and that will have the most thought and the feeling behind each and every one.

Many people ask their tattoo designer or friends that know tattoo designers what some of the best designer tattoos for girls these days are. The answer might be surprising to both friend and the overall grouping of the gender of female.

The art of tattoos has really taken off in the past few years. From a male-dominated activity in which sailors, servicemen and motorcycle gangs had their mother's name on their shoulders, to the college freshmen girls that have a butterfly on their ankle, tattoos have come along way.

Many of the styles are now rising to the top as some of the most beloved by the plethora of girls across the world. Added to that the feeling that a woman's body is a canvas and she is an artist, has opened the door to many other designs that are both personal and highly eclectic in nature.

A great way to see and experience the top tattoos for girls is in a short list.

* Traditional Americana
* Old-School Images
* Classic Cars Pinups
* Nautical Stars
* Irezumi
* Koi Fish Dragons
* Floral Designs
* Roses Lotus Flowers Orchids

Many girls go to the tattoo parlor and look at different designs and find inspiration that way. With so many great and colorful designs to choose from, girls rarely leave without finding something they just love. Unless there is a certain significance or meaningful tattoo design that must be placed upon the body, the female is apt to select something that defines her beauty and grace.

One of the most popular tattoo designs for many females these days is of their children. The names of Candy and Sally are now placed on certain parts of their body paying homage to their offspring. Although this is not a new realm in the tattoo world, it is new for women as mostly men were the ones that put their children's name on their shoulders and chest.

Some of best tattoos for girls are ones that are individualistic and meaningful either in words or memories. This could be a favorite rock concert or a long-lost boyfriend who has not been forgotten. It does not matter what the actual design is, what matters is that there is a reason for placing this permanently on the body. It takes a lot to have one's body branded and colored rather painfully as well, and this is important to make the right decision when selecting a great tattoo. The most important thing is not to get a tattoo on a whim or without great thought and to choose a tattoo that says something about your spirituality and special characteristics.