Butterfly Tattoos For Girls and Women - Symbolism of a Favorite Tattoo Design

Butterfly tattoos undoubtedly have been and will always be the top favorite tattoo designs among females. Girls love to have them as their first tat and women just can't get enough of them. Its natural beauty plus the flexibility and versatility of it as a tattoo art makes it one of the most sought after themes for body art.

Another main reason why butterfly is a favorite is the symbolism and meaning attached to it. Generally, it means change, transformation and rebirth comparing its natural metamorphosis from a caterpillar into a beautiful and fluttering butterfly. It also symbolizes freedom and beauty with its seemingly endless array of colors. In China, they associate it with the undying love between lovers while in Greek culture, they think of it as the symbolism for the journey of the soul. In the African tribal community, they recognized its amazing physical characteristics as the symbol of the beauty of mother nature.

As mentioned above, butterfly tattoo designs have great versatility. Whether tattooed big or small, colored or black, they look fabulous as they are when executed skillfully by a talented tattoo artist. The most common rendition of this tat theme is the lower back tribal butterfly tattoos which a lot of girls went crazy for in the past. However, its presently becoming a dying trend as other sexier areas of the body are being explored. Examples of locations that girls go for nowadays for their butterfly tattoos are the rib, shoulder blade, lower stomach, foot and ankle. Wherever or however a girl choose to have it inked on her body, one thing is for sure. Butterfly tattoos are definitely classic but will always be around for more years to come.