Skull Tattoos - Meanings and Variations of Skull Tattoo Designs

Skull tattoos may appear gruesome or scary to others but those who patronized this type of tat theme actually have special meanings attached to it. They are not just tattooed on them in order to appear tough or to appear funny. In this article, we will be looking at the several variations of skull tattoo designs and the symbolism attached to them.

The very plain skull tat is originally an old school art. It was even once an insignia for groups like bikers, prisoners or gang members during the early days. However, as body art evolves, modifications and alterations for skull tattoo also came into play. Originally, its image was scary but now you can find humorous ones as well as whimsical and colorful styles. Before, they were usually combined with symbols like dagger, crossbones, flames and rose. Nowadays, anything goes as long as it would look good on one's body or as long as it can deliver the message it wants to portray. Artists seem to be having a lot of fun portraying this symbol;from cartoon skulls to terrifying Grim Reaper to realistic skull drawings. Of course, don't forget the poison sign and the pirate symbol. It can also be noticed that this tat them is not only for the male population. The female tat enthusiasts are seem to be giving it a lot of attention and thoughts too through the portrayal of colorful sugar skulls or corpse bride tattoo.

Those who have skull tattoos look upon it as their protection from death or their talisman. It can also be a symbol of near death experience or one's survival from a fatal accident or illness. Other's even consider it as a lucky charm. Whatever meaning the wearer wants to attached to it, the important thing it the personal connection and symbolism it has to them.