Angel Wing Tattoos All Have Different Meanings - Learn How to Choose the Right One

It's very common to see people sporting angel wing tattoos these days. There are many reasons for this. Some people get them for spiritual or religious reasons, some do so because they like the symbolism in general, and some do so because they simply find angel wings to be cute or pretty.

These tattoos can come in many forms and sizes. Some angel wing tattoos span an entire arm or back, while others are tiny enough to fit on ankle or wrist. It's up to you which size you get, as it is all about personal preferences. Some people don't want a giant tattoo covering a large portion of their bodies. Smaller ones are easier to hide and many people find them to be more attractive.

Even more popular than angel wing tattoos are images of full-bodied angels. Sure, the wings are very cute, but an entire angel depicts whatever it is you want them to represent. The design can be of an angel smiling and being happy, or of a guardian angel. Some tattoos can be of a fierce looking fallen angel. And, of course, cute little cherubs are always popular tattoos.

Despite being identified as powerful beings serving God, many people interpret them in a variety of ways. Some view guardian angels as a powerful class in heaven, because of everything they do to protect the living. When people choose large angel wing tattoos, they sometimes have a guardian angel in mind. This is because a large wing covering our backs could be considered to be symbolic for protection.

Any discussion about angels without a mention of the cute cherub angel is sad. Everybody knows that the cherubs are all about love. Even though Cupid was a Roman god, he's still drawn in the form of a cherubic angel. There are many people who love this character and get him as a tattoo. Cherubs are often portrayed as chubby, happy, and cute.

Over the past couple of decades, angel wing tattoos inspired by the fallen angel have become quite popular. The fallen ones are those who have been banished from heaven for rebelling against God. Lucifer, of course, is the most well known of these fallen angels. Instead of getting a red devil tattoo, some people choose to get him drawn in his fallen angel form. These designs can depict a sad, lonely, anguished being, often slumped or even chained. Some are drawn as looking fierce and rebellious, with black wings rather than white.

Archangel tattoos are becoming more popular. These beings are believed to be God's elite warriors. Thus, they are often depicted as wearing armor and even holding weapons. Michael and Gabriel are the most well-known of the archangels, and are often memorialized as tattoos.

No matter which angel wing tattoos you find to be interesting, make sure you make the right decision. Tattoos are more than just appearance, they are also about symbolism and meaning. Everybody interprets tattoos in a different way, so as long as you are comfortable with what yours means, it will look great on you!