Cute Dolphin Tattoo Desings

black dolphin tattoos
dolphin tattoos
Dolphin tattoos are hot and it is easy to see why when you look at the powerful symbolism behind this great tattoo design. Who knows maybe a dolphin tattoo is the perfect design for you.

Dolphin Tattoo Symbolism Each culture and person of course will assign their own symbolism and significance to this beautiful creature. Throughout history and in many ancient cultures the dolphin was seen as a guide and an animal that would bring tremendous amounts of good luck to a person.

cute dolphin tattoos on the back
cute dolphin tattoos  on the back double dolphin tattoos
dolphin tattoos cute dolphin tattoos
dolphin tattoos blue dolphin tattoos
dolphin tattoos Here we see three dolphin tattoo flash designs... and a very rare photo of a dolphin with a tattoo depicting a man supplicating to the great dolphin lord Eik i Eeeeeki.