Turtle Tattoo

Many people now are very much engaged in having tattoos on their body. One of the major factors for this is the freedom to express personality and individuality through the choice of tattoo designs. Another reason is the wide acceptance of the world's culture regarding having tattoos on the skin. Because of all these, there are many designs available for tattoos, and the variety of designs will make choices not that easy. If you are considering getting tattoo on your skin, you may want to try the turtle tattoos since this design is the most popular to younger individuals nowadays. If this information suddenly caught your attention, continue reading on.
Turtle Tattoo
We all know that different cultures have different meaning for turtles. As an animal, turtle is a very interesting one, especially with its shell as their way of protecting themselves from any danger and their lifespan of up to century old. This could be the reason why people consider turtles as significant and meaningful animals.

To sight as an example, the Native Americans consider the turtle as sacred animal. The beginning of the world was also attached to the turtle as believed by some of the tribes, like the belief of the Huron, according to them a girl fell on the water and some water animals saw her and brought her to a wise turtle. The turtle instructed the animals to deposit some soil grains from the bottom of the ocean until the land grew and the girl and the land was formed into a world where the girl lived at ease.

This belief about the world is one of the many examples. More cultures accredited the turtle to the myth about creation or about the world. Just like the belief that the turtle is the one that directly or indirectly carries or support the world on his shell.

Some cultures admire the turtle's characteristics of being steadfast and at peace. Some people prefer the turtle tattoos because it correlates as the symbol for strength, long life, courage, bravery, power, knowledge, safety, and perseverance.

While some individuals prefer this design, some tattoo artist would even enjoy making this art because they can add another design on the shell as they do the markings. Some artists would create extra design of Japanese characters or other symbols on the turtle shell to represent something. This is a great opportunity for the artist to put a tattoo within a tattoo.

This art does not mean you can only put Japanese characters on the shell. You can choose your own personal symbol if you want to add extra design on you turtle tattoos to make the design special and sacred.

Choosing turtle tattoos is a great choice since you can have other designs on it. The design is adaptable to other possible designs and you can have it as small and simple one or you can have it as large turtle tattoo with addition of extra designs on it.